As Promised, John McCain vs. Barack Obama

O.K. This is the facts of these two candidates policies. Read them all, and then comment on your opinions, anything I got wrong, anything you disagree with, and Especially if reading this changed your opinion even a little.

“War” in Iraq

McCain: He is for the war, he has always been for the war. He voted for the start of it, and he voted for the surge. He wants to win the war at all costs.

Obama: He is against the war and always has been. He will get every troop out of this quagmire by 2011.


McCain: our economy is fine, Bush is doing a great job.

Obama: we are either in, or nearing a depression. He will put a tax on the oil company’s profits, he will give working class Americans a tax cut. He will create 5 million more green energy jobs. He will invest in science. He will crack down on mortgage fraud. Need I go on?

Health Care

McCain:He wants to give $5,000 in refundable tax credits to every family so they can buy health care. (keep in mind that this isn’t nearly enough to buy the WORST health care.)

Obama: He will make health care more affordable so that any American who wants to will be able to buy it.


McCain: He has voted against multiple bills related to helping Veterans. He is against the GI bill

Obama: He will give more than 1.5 billion dollars to the V.A. He will create programs to assist homeless and hungry veterans.


McCain: I admit that he has plenty of experience. he has been a Senator for what, 2, 3, 400 years (I’m sorry i meant 22. Is that really a signifigant amount?)? (credit goes to Jona09 for the 400 year remark)

Obama: He has been a senator for 5 years. He was the president of the Harvard Law Review

before that. He was a community organizer before that.

Vice President Qualifications

Palin: See previously posted videos

Biden: He’s been a senator for 36 years

That’s all I’ll post for now. If anyone has any other issues that you want me to post there opinions on please tell me.

6 thoughts on “As Promised, John McCain vs. Barack Obama

  1. JM has only been a Senator for 22 years. Interesting you did not say that but you did mention that Biden was in for 38 years(36 actually).

    Also interesting that almost every sentence on Obama includes “He wants.” He could want a lot of things but does he have an actual plan that will translate his “He wants” to “He will.”

    The fine print of Obama’s out of Iraq by 2011 is iffy–it’s a great sound byte but to listen to what would have to happen for that to happen…well….

  2. I agree with you 100% if McCain wins I will be so angry. (P.S. I was the one that gave you the joke about McCain being in the senate for 400 years. You need to edit it and say that it was from me or I will take legal action.

  3. Agreed with Nick and everyone else who agrees with him. I really don’t want McCain wins… Obama’s so much better than him in so many ways. Keep up the awesome work. ^^

  4. now i like McCain and im pulling for him the whole way but you did make some pretty convincing points. But i did have a question. I dont know what he said for sure but why wouldnt he want to give money to veterens when he is one himself! again im still for mccain but good job on this post!!

    (Nick’s Response: Thanks, also on the veteran policy, I don’t know why McCains is so bad since his is one himself, but I’m not lying. Thats what he is going to do. This was a great comment though. Keep commenting everyone!)

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